1. Apartment

-pay the deposit
-sign contract
- discuss the notion of me moving in by in the 29th so I can get my shit settled by the time I take care of Ginacat

2. ProArts, Rock Star Camp

-email companies asking for sponsorships
- start on the Brochure, god damn Kim you had like 2 weeks fucking lazyass
- search for legit venues that the met players can perform at in Virginia Beach

3. Wednesday, 9am-1pm comedy taping w/proarts
-7pm meeting with Drew and Erin, ask if I’m needed at the Sunday met players rehearsal, if not then confirm with James and Ari that I will be able to attend the 3pm puremotion rehearsal

4. Thursday, 845pm meeting with cat owners that want me to feed their shitty cats during thanksgiving break